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Q. Is there any maintenance to be done on plastic timber?

A. Except to clean occasionally with a hose and a garden brush, no.

Q. Will the colour fade after a period of time?

A. There will be a little after some years due to oxidization which can be brushed off and the colour restored.

Q. When the plastic timber is wet will it be slippery?

A. No. the surface is texturized and is therefore slip resistant.

Q. Will the plastic timber be too hot to walk on after being in the sun?

A. Plastic timber will be about the same as treated natural timber.

Q. Will chemicals spilt on the plastic be harmful or damage the timber in some way?

A. Plastic timber is impervious to most chemicals, oils, fuel and salts.

Q. Can plastic timber be used structurally?

A. In some cases it can, but within its limitations of its modulus of elasticity.

Q. What do I use to fasten timber plastic?

A. Coated chipboard screws, Coach Screws or Bolts.

Q. Why are recycled plastic products different?

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