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The TUFFLEX entity has been in existence since 1994. Initially formed to recycle polypropylene automotive battery casings, it evolved into recycling of the other polyolefin types and in 2004 branched out further into plastic timber production.

Tufflex prides itself on producing environmentally friendly products which greatly reduces pressure on landfills.

Virtually no plastic waste is landfilled as the production processes of plastic timber products allow for the utilisation those products that would otherwise have to be landfilled.

The plastic timber railway sleepers are world class, conform to SANS 10339 and are suitable for underground use. They have also undergone successful trials and tests with CSIR, Denel and Firetech Labs. The company produces a wide variety of plastic timber profiles and lengths which have many other applications in the industrial, agricultural and domestic arenas. It is safe, long-lasting, maintenance free and does not require painting.

The original mainstay of the company, that of producing recycled polypropylene pellets remains the backbone of the company accounting for some 70% of turnover. HDPE and LDPE products are also produced.

Tufflex currently enjoys a level 4 BEE status.

Tufflex - About Us

Tufflex Plastic Products will always look at new ideas and concepts from their customers and staff, we will make moulds if required from our in house workshops.

What we offer:

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